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How I wrote an online course in 3 weeks

and the 3 simple methods I use to make over $40,000/month

Your Host : Tim Sharp

Ecommerce entrepreneur with 25+ years experience

and over 250,000 courses sold

Here's What You Will Learn On This Training...

PART 1 : The 9 reasons why online courses are the HUGE OPPORTUNITY for the next 10 years (and why this is only the beginning)


PART 2The number one reason holding people back from creating an online course (and why YOU don’t need to worry about it)


PART 3How you can quickly turn what you already know into an online course. Plus my ‘will it sell’ test & how I get free laser-targeted traffic on auto-pilot


PART 4The 3 SIMPLE METHODS I use to make over $40,000/month